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International Pension Plans (IPP) for Individuals

International Pension Plans are an efficient and flexible way of enabling individuals living and working abroad to make provision for their retirement. They are used to provide both a means of saving for the future and aiding the succession planning of individuals.

Our International Pension Plan, is established in Guernsey and administered by the trustee of the plan, ‘The Pensioneer Trustee Company (Guernsey) Limited’ which is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

The trustee is able to admit any individual who is resident outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey or Jersey as a member of the IPP (“the Scheme”). Members have access to a trust based pension scheme which enables them to make contributions into the scheme on a regular basis (monthly) or ad hoc contributions which may be a single “one off” contribution or contributions over a period of years as funds permit. Members may transfer funds in any currency to the trustee, however, they are required to select one of three currencies offered as their “base” currency, currently GBP, EUR and US$. Members are able to select from a range of investment portfolio options offered by the IPP all of which have been selected by and are monitored by a firm of investment advisors independent of the trustee.

The IPP offers a flexible cost effective solution to saving for retirement to those individuals living and working in locations where little or no pension legislation exists or where the pension provision is non-existent or extremely limited or unsuitable for a globally mobile individual.

Although the IPP has been established in Guernsey, it is not be liable to local taxes as it is not available to individuals resident in the jurisdiction.

Summary of the Benefits of an IPP

  • Cost effective in terms of both setup and ongoing charges

  • No limit on contributions which can be made or underlying fund size 

  • Ability to invest lump sums or regular amounts 

  • No maximum age at which funds can be contributed (minimum age is 18 years) 

  • Potentially able to consolidate and transfer benefits from other pension arrangements (on a country by country basis) 

  • Offers investment and reporting in three base currencies and access to a range of risk rated investment portfolios managed by independent professionals 

  • Provides asset protection and investments held in a secure jurisdiction 

  • Availability to draw a lump sum after the age of 50 years and greater flexibility on drawing benefits 

  • Assets are not subject to Guernsey tax* and payments to members are made gross 

  • Discretion over distributions of residual fund upon death of employees/members 

  • Assets left to named beneficiaries upon death

 *Unless a member become resident for tax purposes in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  Tax may be payable by the member in the country of residence at the time of receipt of benefits.



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